One/Two House

Three words lined the top of this projects written brief… “light, bright and beautiful”. The house is unashamedly a modern one. The clients knew of two projects which they loved the style of - Piano House, a project in Europe, and a project in Queensland by an Australian architect. We took visual cues from both these projects and their materials to create the palette - it ended up being a very simple palette – white paint, timber and water. The simplicity of the white on white gives the design an air of elegance, whilst the character and subtle variation of the timber breathes warmth and life into the building. The ever-changing patina of the exterior as the sun and rain slowly silvers off the Spotted Gum cladding. And the water gives the house a bit of magic.

A central courtyard is a common feature in long narrow buildings as it allows you to bring more light into the deeper reaches of the building. We decided to make it the “wow” of the house – as the sun rises along one side of the house, and as it lowers on the other, light is reflected up onto the walls and ceiling, and you get all the ripples and patterns of the water - it’s a simple intervention that changes the dynamic of the space; and by being able to open the doors on both sides you can bring breezes into the house that pass over the water which cools the air.

This is a house flooded in light - there are views to the sky and not least the reflections off the water. These things will make it a house that people will continue to discover long after their first visit.

Completed: 2017
Builder: Darren Quince
Photography: Chris Freeburn
Videography: Capture Creative